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9 soldiers killed in Colombia as rebel group ELN attack on military base

 BOGOTA:In the South American country of Colombia, the rebel group National Liberation Army (ELN) attacked the military base,killing at least nine military personnel.

Colombia has a rebel group known as the National Liberation Army ie ELN guerrillas. National Liberation Army troops stormed a military base located in a rural part of El Carmen municipality in the Catatumbo region of northeastern Colombia's Norte de Santander province around 3 a.m.

According to the press release of the Colombian army, nine soldiers were killed and many soldiers were injured in the attack. The injured soldiers have been admitted to the hospital. General Luis Mauricio Ospina, commander of the National Army of Colombia, visited Norte de Santander province to observe the situation.



 Silvano Serrano, governor of the Colombian province of Norte de Santander, said the soldiers killed were deployed in Norte de Santander to protect oil infrastructure in the region. Colombian President Gustavo Petro condemned the guerrilla attack on the soldiers. Gustavo Petro tweeted that the National Liberation Army is completely out  from peace and the people now.

Gustavo Petro's administration is negotiating a ceasefire with the guerrilla group. Earlier this month, negotiators from the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army presented a revised peace talks agenda. The revised agenda includes the possibility of an early ceasefire. The proposed draft agreement is a revised version of the peace talks agenda initially agreed between the guerrillas and former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in 2017.

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