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Another video of Satyendar Jain from Tihar jail is going viral, seen meeting jail superintendent and guests

New Delhi, Nov 26, (Fast Mail News):-- Another new video of Satyendar Jain lodged in Tihar Jail is going viral on social media again. This video is around 8 pm on 12th September. In this video, Satyendar Jain is seen hosting the guests inside the jail. 3 prisoners are sitting in his cell with Satyendar Jain and all are talking.


Then Ajit Kumar, Superintendent of Jail No. 7 comes and 3 other prisoners who presented in the room were left the cell. Ajit Kumar has already been suspended for giving VIP treatment to Satyendar Jain. Earlier, Satyendar Jain was seen getting massaged by a man inside his cell and interacting with other inmates.

Apart from this, in a video, Satyendar Jain was also seen eating fruit salad after his complaint on the quality of food in the jail. AAP had claimed on the video that these were "physiotherapy sessions". This was suggested by Satyendar Jain's doctor after his spinal cord surgery. Also claimed that Satyendar Jain's "masseur" was a prisoner and had raped his own daughter. 
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Himachal Congress President Pratibha Singh out of race to become CM: Sources

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"Hang Aftab... His family should also be investigated...": Shraddha Walkar's father expressed pain

New Delhi, Dec 09, (Fast Mail News):-- In the Shraddha Walkar murder case, today Shraddha's father Vikas Walkar told the media that Aftab had brutally murdered my daughter. Aftab should be punished severely and the role of his family members should also be investigated. He should also be punished as....

Himachal Pradesh exit polls predict BJP, Congress having tough fight

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Massive fire breaks out in a six-storey building in Greater Noida, 50 people were rescued

NEW DELHI: A  fire broke out in a six-storey building in Greater Noida on Saturday.At leats 50 people were evacuated safely,according to reports.The fire was so fierce that 12 vehicles of the fire brigade were called to extinguish it.  

ED grills actress Nora Fatehi in ?200 cr money laundering case

New Delhi, Dec 02, (Fast Mail News):-- Actress Nora Fatehi appeared before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in Delhi on Friday in connection with the 200 crore money laundering case probe against Sukesh Chandrasekhar, lodged in Mandoli jail.   On September 15, Nora Fatehi was questioned for fiv....

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