Thursday 28th of October 2021

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Attero Recycling ramps up E-Waste recycling with ‘Franchisee program’ in India

 New Delhi,FASTMAIL -As India, and the world, strives to go green and tackle the social and economic consequences of Climate Change, Attero Recycling continues to be the game-changer in this area. Attero Recycling, India’s largest electronic asset management company and world’s most advanced Li-Ion battery recycling company today announced to expand its E-Waste recycling program through an inorganic, but critical, franchisee route across India. 

 Attero which already has a world-recognized, India’s largest and most advanced recycling operations in Roorkee, will now setup 6 additional plants to process E-Waste and lithium-ion batteries by end of this year.  It will utilize its expertise in setting up low cost modular recycling and refining plants to maximize resource in an environment friendly & cost-effective manner. Attero has best-in-class technology that enables it to extract almost 99% of all metals from lithium-ion battery.

 The company targets to enhance its E-Waste management capacity by over 30,000 metric tonnes annually, by ramping up the recycling capacity across 6 states of India in the first phase.  These plants will be strategically located in Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.  By end of 2022, Attero plans to have a plant in every state of the country and has earmarked a stiff target of having a total of 14 plants via the franchisee route, and enhance its E-Waste management capacity by over 156,000 metric tonnes annually.




 India generates two million metric tonnes of E-Waste each year and a major concern in India is the recycling of E-Waste in informal units by unscientific, unhealthy and non-environmentally friendly methods. Attero, with its NASA recognized technology is committed to provide efficient, economical and easy-to-implement solutions. This transfer of technology for dismantling recycling to micro-entrepreneurs and formalising the informal sector will be instrumental in driving a huge social impact. 

Nitin Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder, Attero Recycling Pvt Ltd, said, “E-Waste is hazardous to the health as well as to the environment. As an industry leader, we have a world class R&D Lab with more than 30 awarded global patents and innovative solutions. Channelising these technology to micro-entrepreneurs at regional locations will not only encourage them but will also accelerate the country’s transition from a linear economy to a circular one. We also believe that our franchisee program will be instrumental in making India self-reliant in crucial materials like – Gold, copper, Lithium, Cobalt, etc which will be extracted through sustainable means through these plants.”

 E-Waste Recycling in the informal sector also imposes serious health concerns to the people extracting these materials unscientifically. To create healthy & environment-friendly E-Waste recycling practices, Attero plans to employ, train & upgrade the skill sets of workers and build capacities of the sector in dismantling and segregating various kinds of E-Waste.

 Ever since its inception, Attero Recycling has had an unparalleled growth trajectory. Through its best in category practices, the company has to date saved more than 100K metric tonnes of Carbon.

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