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Authenticity key in tapping global market for Ayurveda beauty products: WAC

 PANAJI:Maintaining authenticity and quality are vital parameters to tap the huge global demand for Ayurveda-based beauty products which is projected to grow exponentially in the coming year,  according to  speakers at a session on Ayurcosmetology at the ongoing World Ayurveda Congress and Arogya Expo here.

Calling for strict regulatory and quality protocols to be put in place, they said defaming Ayurveda and misleading consumers should be avoided as that would damage the reputation of the Indian traditional wellness system and health solutions.

It is also important to comply with the regulatory protocols of the countries to where Indian products are marketed.

There is a big acceptance the world over for herbal-based and chemical-free ayurveda cosmetics as completely side-effects-free solutions for maintaining a clean and healthy personality, cherished by everyone, they noted.

Researchers from India’s leading Ayurveda institutions made presentations at the session on  product formulations and  treatment procedures developed by them based on case studies and clinical trials to address various problems related to hair and skin health.

“It is important to strengthen the link between Ayurveda research institutions and the corporate sector to see that the results of authenticated findings reach the market for the benefit of people,” said Dr Santosh Chavan, Professor and Head of the  Department of Panchakarma, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune, while moderating a session.

While developing new products and evolving treatment procedures it is vital to follow the classical concepts of Ayurveda, said Dr B R Tubaki, KAHER, Balgavi.

The research institutions should promote evidence-based studies and clinical trials to ensure the efficacy of  the product formulations and treatment methods being developed by scholars.

Noting that the global beauty products market is projected to grow steeply from 35 billion USD in 2021 to 59 billion USD by 2031, Dr Sneha Surendran, stressed on strengthening the regulatory protocols to ensure a correct demarcation between Ayurveda and non-Ayurveda products.

The session saw presentations on a range of topics like ayurvedic remedies for hair relaxers induced hair fall, management of hair diseases, effect of ayurvedic oils in management of dandruff, efficacy of ayurvedic creams against melasma and skin blemishes and pharmaceutical of herbal deodorant, regulatory protocols in the US and other western countries.

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