Monday 28th of September 2020

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Ayodhya Bhoomipujan: City of Baba Vishwanath is delightful, full of devotion

 Varanasi, 05 August:-- On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will perform Bhoomi Pujan in auspicious time for the construction of a grand temple at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya. There is an atmosphere of euphoria in Babi Vishwanath's city of Kashi about Bhoomi Pujan.
 In the whole district, worship of Lord Rama, recitation of the unbroken Ramayana, Mahaudrabhishek is being done. The corner of Shivangari is absorbed in devotion to Lord Rama. In the Sai temple at Nadesar, Bhoomi Pujan should be done, Yagya Havan has been going on since morning. After the Bhoomi Pujan in the Yagya Havan organized by the Karni Sena, 101 kg laddu will be distributed as a Prasad.
Activists led by BJP's Kashi Kshetra Sanitation Project convenor Anoop Jaiswal near Geeta Mandir situated on Godoulia New Road celebrated the festival of Dhol, Nagade by worshiping Lord Shri Ram. The workers also shouted the deafening slogans of Jai-Jai Shri Ram after distributing fireworks.
 The chief guest at the program, Varanasi Municipal Corporation Deputy Chairman Narasimha Das, was the first VHP top man after garlanding the picture of Lord Shri Ram. Ashok Singhal, garlanded the portrait of the closet brothers. In the same sequence, at the Guru Gorakshanath temple located in Maidagin, the activists of Hindu Yuva Vahini are doing bhajan kirtan under the leadership of Mandal in-charge Ambarish Singh Bhola.
 During this, Bhola said that the way Ram temple is going to be constructed under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we are proud moment for people. The worship of Hanuman temple is also going on in Journalistpuram Colony located in Gilat Bazar. Havan is also being done here by installing a giant LED TV to see the foundation stone of Ram Janmabhoomi.
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