Wednesday 1st of December 2021

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Centre rushes team to Kanpur to take stock of Zika Virus Disease

 (FASTMAIL) -Union Health Ministry has rushed a high level multi-disciplinary team to Uttar Pradesh where a case of Zika Virus Disease case has been reported. A 57-year-old male from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh has tested positive for Zika virus disease on 22nd October 2021.


  The multidisciplinary team comprising of an entomologist, public health specialists and gynaecologist drawn from National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, National Center for Disease Control and Dr. RML Hospital, New Delhi has been deployed by Union Health Ministry to assist the State Health authorities for control and containment measures of the Zika virus disease.

 The team shall work closely with the State Health Department, take a stock of the situation on the ground and assess whether the Union Health Ministry’s Action Plan for Zika Management is being implemented. The team will also recommend necessary public health interventions for management of Zika in the state of Uttar Pradesh.  

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