Thursday 1st of December 2022

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Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray accused the central government of step-motherly behavior

 Mumbai, April 27 (FMNews) -Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday accused the central government of treating Maharashtra step-motherly attitude. The Chief Minister said that the Central Government has not released the outstanding amount of Rs 26,000 crore till now, whereas the Central Government is collecting the highest tax from all the states of the country in Maharashtra.

The Chief Minister said that Maharashtra gets only 5.5 per cent of the central tax, while the share of Maharashtra in the total direct taxes of the country is 38.3 per cent. Maharashtra collects the highest GST of 15% in the country. Maharashtra is the number one state in the country including both direct tax and GST. Despite this, the central government has not cleared Maharashtra's GST dues of Rs 26,500 crore,he said.



 The Chief Minister said that the State Government had repeatedly urged the Center to relax the rules of NDRF at the time of disaster, so that maximum number of disaster victims could be helped, but the Center did not take any action on it. On the contrary, the state has provided relief in various calamities exceeding the prescribed norms.

Even in a disaster like Tokte, Gujarat got more financial help than Maharashtra.the chief minister said,adding the financial assistance was also provided to the citizens of all the weak and unorganized sectors during the Corona period. Maharashtra fulfilled its responsibility by facing economic challenges. The Chief Minister said that all the states expect equal treatment from the Center but in reality this is not happening.

The Chief Minister said that on the cost of one liter of diesel in Mumbai, a tax of Rs 24.38 for the Center has been levied at Rs 22.37 for the state. The cost of petrol is Rs 31.58 as central tax and Rs 32.55 as state tax. That's why petrol-diesel has become expensive due to Maharashtra tax, this is not right. To give relief to the citizens of the state, the state government has already given tax relief in respect of natural gas.

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