Tuesday 29th of September 2020

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China should desist itself from raising Kashmir issue on international level: MEA

 New Delhi, August 06, (HS) India has advised China to desist from interfering into the issue of Jammu and Kashmir in the UN Security Council. “Jammu and Kashmir issue is an internal issue of India and China should refrain itself from interfering into this matter,” India said in the UNSC meeting.



As per a release issued by the Foreign Ministry on Thursday, it has been said that China has once again tried to raise the issue of Jammu and Kashmir in the UN Security Council. China's efforts to bring India's internal matter back to the Security Council are not going to get any support from the international community.



The statement further said that India completely rejects China's attempt to interfere in our internal affairs and advises that it should heed the conclusion of such fruitless efforts.



India’s reaction came on the heels of the UNSC meeting that took place on Wednesday where Pakistan tried to raise the J&K issue and China backed Pakistan on it.



The UN Security Council also rebuffed Pakistan’s attempt to raise Kashmir issue at the body, and made it abundantly clear that this is an issue for India and Pakistan to resolve bilaterally, as has been India’s position. Four of the five permanent members, the US, UK, France and Russia sided firmly with India.




 In a tweet, TS Tirumurti, India’s permanent representative to the UN said, “In today’s meeting of UN Security Council which was closed, informal, not recorded and without any outcome, almost all countries underlined that J&K was a bilateral issue and did not deserve time and attention of Council.”



This was not the first time when Pakistan has sought a discussion on the J&K issue in UNSC. Earlier also it had tried to raise same issue twice since last August.



Sources said that most of the UNSC members felt that the issue needed to be resolved bilaterally and it did not deserve to come to the security council and there was a sense that this was a waste of the body’s time.



India was elected to the Security Council in June as a non-permanent member. And as is the practice it began receiving documents circulated to member countries from August and it will sit in meetings from October purely in observer capacity in preparation for the start of its two-year term in January 2021.

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