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Dharmendra calls for no stoppage of coal mines at Talcher

 ANGUL(Fast Mail News) - The Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has exhorted people not to stop coal mines at all to fulfil their demands as it affects negatively in economic interest of the state ,center and the interest of the local people.

 Pradhan was speaking at a public meeting here today after inaugurating two central schools and attending the bhumi pujan ceremony of one of the temporary central school. Dhenkanal MP Mahesh Sahoo, Talcher MLA Braja Kishore Pradhan,MCL CMD OPSINGH Director p[personnel Keshav Rao and other directors attended the meeting.

 “Whatever the demands are genuine we should not stop the coal mine. We can launch agitations in front of the offices of state govt and MCL offices to  get our demands fulfilled. But, stopping the coal mines harm not only the state government but also the central government as well as the workers of the MCL. There is also hindrance to supply of coal to country’s power stations', said Pradhan in the meeting.

 Stating that his aim is to develop Talcher and Angul district irrespective of criticism Pradhan said rupees 13,000 crore Talcher fertilize plant is under construction. He said it is Narendra Modi government which has initiated the construction of Talcher fertilizer plant. UPA government did nothing about it, he added.



 Pradhan also disclosed that the construction of new Talcher Thermal Power Station will start soon as the tender process of the construction has been completed.

 He said Talcher Coalfield  is producing 100millione tones of coal per annum today. It will reach 2000 million tones in another 10 years. He said a rapid industrialization has taken place in the district of Angul urging people to take advantage of it.Pradhan also congratulated MCL CMD O.P.Singh for the company despatching 100 rakes on today to the power stations of the country. He said MCL has been asked to adopt Talcher ITI and turn the vocational institute institute into a skilled development center so that people from non-coal area can take study there.

 Stating that Talcher needs more development he promised people of Talcher to bring the minister of coal and railways and coal to Talcher very soon to discuss about the developmental plans of the area. He said now there are two central schools which has been inaugurated at temporary buildings in Subhadra and Jaganatha Are. Another central school will come up at Talcher town, he said, adding that government land allotment is awaited forit. 

Pradhan also said that not only central school but also Odia school and DAV schools will come up at Talcher for the study of the students of Talcher.

 Dhenkanal MP Mahesh Sahoo demanded separate coal company at Talcher while the local MLA Braja Kishore Pradhan in his speech demanded five more central schools for Talcher. MCL CMD OM Prakash Singh welcomed the guest. Among others Ex-MP Rudra Naryan Pani attended the meeting.

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