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Dr.FORHAIR Unveils Easy and Effective After-Summer Scalp Care

 LOS ANGELES:  Dr.FORHAIR unveils easy and effective after-summer scalp care with Folligen Original Shampoo.


Strong UV rays and elevated temperatures in the summer, heat the scalp, causing more than just temporary discomfort from excess warmth. This leads to excessive oil secretion that causes scalp troubles, weakens scalp strength, and leads to hair loss. To prevent hair loss symptoms that arise from summer heatwaves and abnormally high temperatures each year, intensive scalp and hair loss symptom care after summer is no longer an option but a necessity.


With the COVID-19 pandemic making it a challenge to visit clinics and get professional care, it is more critical than ever to take care of hair loss symptoms with products that can quickly and effectively help the scalp.


One of the crucial factors for relieving hair loss symptoms is not ingredients, but the absorption rate of these ingredients.


Most people would say that ingredients are the most important criteria for choosing a shampoo to prevent hair loss. However, it is necessary to measure the absorption rate to have a positive effect on the scalp, even if the shampoo contains good ingredients.


Dr.FORHAIR's Folligen Original Shampoo contains Folligen Complex™, a combination of scalp strengthening ingredients of Biotin, Ceramide, and Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, to increase absorption rates for deep scalp penetration in nano-sized, ultrafine liposomes. It is a functional shampoo that relieves hair loss symptoms with scalp friendly extracts and without harmful ingredients. The shampoo also helps improve root volume and scalp elasticity by increasing the strength of the scalp and has a soft and refreshing feeling.


Folligen Original Shampoo holds a sales record of 18 million units and is the number one shampoo for hair loss, based on consumer response. Achievements include taking the top sales rank in the "Shampoo for Hair Loss" category at Olive Young and selling out on Korean home shopping channels.


Dr.FORHAIR's bestselling shampoo has already received compelling attention in foreign markets. Starting in the U.S. with Asian and Korean markets, and with celebrity endorsement from actor Hyun Bin, positive reception in the Asian community skyrocketed. This attracted a broader audience and the opportunity to launch Folligen Original Shampoo online with one of the largest membership based retailers in the U.S.


People usually think that their scalp will be clean if they shampoo well. However, sebum and keratin, as well as daily perms, dying, and styling products, gradually accumulate on the scalp to create a buildup that mixes with sebum and hardens over time. Add to that the increased sweat and sebum of the hot summer months, and the result is a blend that is not easily removed by shampoo alone. If left unaddressed for long periods of time, the scalp pores become blocked, causing thin, weak hair. It can also result in hair loss by hindering the follicle growth at or beneath skin level.


Just like we scale or exfoliate our skin, scaling is necessary for the scalp. This smooths the surface, removes the buildup of dead skin cells, sebum, and other impurities, and promotes blood circulation. All of this helps the scalp breathe properly and become healthier at a deeper level, that shampoo and water cannot reach alone.


When choosing scalp scaling products, it is better to select one that is easy, convenient, and comfortable to use while creating very little irritation. Dr.FORHAIR's Sea Salt Scaler can be used twice a week instead of shampoo, so there is no need to shampoo again separately. It contains Cleo milk and natural mineral-rich Dead Sea salt, which thoroughly and gently removes buildup from the scalp. In addition, it does not contain ingredients that cause scalp aging, such as sulfate, silicone, and parabens, so it is less irritating and helps maintain a healthy scalp no matter the season for year-round results.


All Dr.FORHAIR products are carefully developed with thorough clinical research and testing in its Scalp Labs based in New York and Seoul. In addition to Folligen Original Shampoo, Dr.FORHAIR offers a wide variety of scalp care products such as Folligen Sea Salt Scaler, Phyto Therapy Shampoo/Treatment, Sebum Control Shampoo for oily scalp, and Scalp Refreshing Spray for sensitive scalp.

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