Friday 27th of November 2020

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GAC MOTOR Lands in Chile With Its GS4, GS3, and GA4, building up strength in South America and Accelerating Global Expansion

SANTIAGO, Chile :On November 19th, a special launch event created a buzz in the Chile car market. For the first time, the well-known GAC MOTOR introduced its three new blockbusters GS4, GS3, and GA4 to the Chile market, which has already attracted numerous media and consumers in Chile. Thus far, more than 700 effective sales leads, and 70 orders have been received from customers; the market feedback was highly positive.


 Before the launch event, Chile's local media had been exciting about the three new models. The famous Chilean presenters Juan Pablo Queraltó and Macarena Sanchez jointly hosted the event. As great car enthusiasts, based on their experiences on family travel, they introduced to the audience the GAC MOTOR brand as well as the unique advantages of GS4, GS3, and GA4.


The golden powertrain, the fashionable appearance designed by international masters, and the world-class quality make GS4 one of GAC MOTOR's best-selling SUV models. The best-selling model is renowned for its excellent driving performance and durable quality in many markets worldwide. The GS4 gets a spacious interior space with 980mm best rear volume of the same class. The back seat can be laid flat 180°, which creates a large luggage space of over 1410L and meets the demand for large space for family travel.



 GS3, another GAC MOTOR's classic SUV, is also popular among young people. It carries several high technologies independently developed by GAC MOTOR, including the patented CCS combustion control. Also, GS3 features an 8-inch full-color central control screen that gives the interior a sense of technology while also providing a rich entertainment and smart function.


GA4 is the only model of sedan introduced by GAC MOTOR into the Chile market this time. Integrating GAC MOTOR's design aesthetics of "Lighting Sculpture 2.0" and "Flying Dynamics," the smooth lines and fashionable appearances make GA4 a refreshing change. The 4692mm long body ensures a luxurious and grand pattern. The compartment is specially equipped with a PM2.5 air purification function to guarantee a healthy travel experience.


At present, GAC MOTOR has established its presence in 26 countries and regions, successfully entered the South American markets. In the future, GAC MOTOR will continue to improve its product lineup, keep craftsmanship and excellent service at heart, and provide international customers with a pleasant travel experience.

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