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Ganesh Puja low key affair in Talcher

 (Fast Mail News) -Talcher:The famous Ganesh puja in coal city of Talcher has become a low key affair today dueto multiple restrictions imposed by the Ganesh puja committee in view of coronavirus.

Each year,Ganeshpuja is being celebrated in the city in much fanfare which  with lakhs of people from the neighbouring area throng into Talcher to see the puja.More than 100 puja mandaps are normal erected right from Handidjhuan chhak to town badadanda Sahi with degree of decorationand lightning. Bhajan ceremony and other cultural programme become the part ofthe Ganesh puja celebration which lasted more than 11 days,

But this year, thepuja is being celebrated in a lacklustre manner as per the decision of the Ganesh puja committee. Three days ago the committee under the chairmanship ofTalcher sub collector Biswaranja Natha it was decided that the event will be celebratedin a low key manner in line of the government guidelines on Covid.It wasdecided  that the idols  will be below three feet and would be closedfrom three sides. One side would remain open but there would be a total seven personsincluding priests.Accordingly,the puja is being celebrated this year.

Rashmi Ranjan Mishra,the president of Bypass Bazar Puja committee said,”Each year most of the puja committees spend Rsfive lakhs to 10 lakhs rupees for decoration and other facilities  to attract more visitors.But this year,we aresimply worshipping Lord ganesh  in themandap with six to seven members inside a shop room with no light,no decoration,no sound,no devotees but with only puja maintaining  with proper Covid guidelines.We have  collected Rs 100each from all the members of puja committee”.



 Normally,various market committees,clubsand sahi people were being involved in the festival in earlier years as it has become a massfestival for the peo of Talcher.The committees donate money for thecelebration.people here worship Lord ganesh in all houses and they have accepted it as the mass festival,Mishra said.

This year,the puja committee banned the access of the devotees to the mandap,feast and cultural functions.In theline of the committee decision today there is a puja in coal city in a verytribal manner.

 Syamsundar Mishra,a local said,``We are in a great sorrow that the puja is being celebrated in this way. I like this manner due to restrictions by the government. This should have been a very gala event in the town with the throng of thousands of people. Roads are empty and in each mandap the organisers are observing the puja in their respective mandaps in a very low key manner.The  administration should not have  imposed such type of restrictions asthe corona cases have slided down  in thecoal city”.

Each year,the coal city of Talcher  celebrates eleven to twelve-day ganesh Puja festival and it was celebrated in as many as 100 big  puja'pandals' at different places of the town. Ramachandra bazar,Hatatota,Sharma chhak,Bada bazar,Baula Chhaka,Newbus-stand,Kumbhara Sahi,Bhairabi sahi where massive idols of Lord Ganesh were being put up in earlier years this year these puja mandaps are having very low key affair with just worship Lord ganesh among few members only.

Talcher's history of Ganesh puja dates backto 1954 when it was just a week-long celebration then and that was being doneby one Hemata Moharana at Bada Bazar. He began this tradition here inTalcher.With time,grandeur of the festival has increased manifold. The number of puja pandals had increased with each passing year,Mishra said.

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