Sunday 19th of September 2021

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Gopalganj in grip of Drug Mafia

 Chapra/Gopalganj,21 September,2020 (HS) Drug business is shaking the Bollywood and its strong network in Sushant Singh murder case is being unearthed by NCB. Gopalganj is also not aloof from this infection and business worth two crores a month is done here. It is informed that four such gangs are operational from this place into this business and they are connected with peddlers of Nepal. Those drugs reach here through river Gandak and its supply is up to other districts like Siwan and adjoining districts of Uttar Pradesh also.Central agencies have submitted report with Home department, expressing grave concern.


 Knowledgeable sources said that nearly two thousand youths are in the net of drugs and it is available in remote villages also. Recently one such peddler Sharif Miyan was arrested and drugs recovered from his possession, but the gang is still to be busted.

Different kinds of drugs are available at Arar chowk, near morgue, Minz stadium, Rajendra Nagar, behind Kamla Rai college, Railway station, Barauli Bazar and Mirganj.

SP Manoj Tiwary told that police are always in search of those peddlers and serious over this issue.

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