Friday 16th of April 2021

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Indian troops will fire If Chinese PLA attempts to overrun our troops : Official

 (Fast Mail News) –  India will fire if there is any attempt by PLA to overrun or mob troops and there will no longer be any primitive fighting on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with batons or stones, China has been told, according to a top government official.


The Army has given clear instructions to troops at forward posts on the border that if they face hostile action like an attempt to overrun posts or a mass attack by People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers yielding batons, spears or other improvised weapons, they can shoot them.


“They have got the message that the pushing and shoving activities will no longer be tolerated. They have got the message that primitive weapons can no longer be used. This has been conveyed to them,” the official who did not wish to be identified said.


 Even after the 14-hour meeting between India and China, there has been no change on the LAC.The two countries are preparing for a seventh round of military talks within 10 days but China has not yet indicated any withdrawal. India wants a roadmap for evacuation of troops from all over eastern Ladakh along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), but China is not ready.


In the sixth round meeting, both sides have agreed not to send additional troops to the front, yet the on-going military confrontation does not seem to be declining. Therefore, both the armies are expected to remain on the border even in harsh winters.

In the meeting, India has clearly told China that the People's Liberation Army (PLA  should not take otherwise Indian soldiers may also open fire to protect themselves. In this marathon meeting, India asked to retreat from the Depsang plains area of ??East Ladakh, Pangong Lake and Gogra-Hot Springs area.

China, on the other hand, is adamant on asking Indian troops to leave  from those 20 major peaks on the south bank of the Pangong Lake that India has taken control of this month. However, in the meeting itself, the Indian authorities had rejected China saying that these hills were in Indian territory only. India has not taken any hill under its control by crossing the LAC, so the deployment of Indian troops will not be removed from here.


China has been clearly told that its soldiers have come first, so China will also have to start going back, but China is not yet ready to believe that it has come before.


At the meeting, India clearly stated that the former position on LAC should be restored. Therefore, China should fix any date from January to early May this year. We will assume the same date for LAC's position restoration. In fact, China started unilaterally changing the status quo of LAC from the first week of May.


China has created tense conditions in eastern Ladakh, the highest on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) of about 3,488 km. The 1993 agreement stated that the number of troops in patrolling from both sides should be 15-20, but China had broken this protocol and started bringing 50 to 100 soldiers. From May till now, gradually, thousands of soldiers have been gathered at the border.

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