Friday 27th of January 2023

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ISRO's hypersonic vehicle test successful, all parameters achieved

 NEW DELHI:The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Integrated Defense Staff jointly tested the hypersonic vehicle on Friday. The hypersonic vehicle demonstrated high capability by achieving all the required parameters set for the test. After the successful test, India's defense sector will get more strength. Especially it will prove to be an important weapon to thwart the trickery of Pakistan and China.

The hypersonic vehicle, based on state-of-the-art technology, is capable of delivering military response over long distances by rapidly reaching space. This hypersonic vehicle can be an aeroplane, spacecraft or missile. India is also developing an indigenous, dual-capable hypersonic cruise missile as part of its Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle programme. This missile will be capable of firing conventional weapons as well as nuclear weapons.
 What is hypersonic missile?
Hypersonic missiles move towards the target at a speed of Mach 5 i.e. 5 times or more than the speed of sound (343 m/s). It can travel about 6,200 kilometers in an hour. Capable of carrying nuclear warheads, hypersonic missiles can fly at very low altitudes and at higher speeds than common ballistic and cruise missiles. They can also change direction during their journey, that is, like a normal missile, the target does not follow a fixed path.
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First evidence of solitary waves near Mars may decode the mystery behind ion loss in the planet

 NEW DELHI:Scientists have reported the first evidence of the presence of solitary waves or distinct electric field fluctuations in the Martian magnetosphere. The study of these waves is crucial as they directly control particle energization, plasma loss, transport, etc., through wave-particle ....

CMPDIL Invents New Dust Control Technology in Coal Mines, Thermal Power Plants, Railway Sidings & Ports

 NEW DELHI: In order to minimize and control the fugitive dust in mining areas, Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL), Ranchi (a consultancy subsidiary of Coal India Limited) has invented a “System and Method for Controlling Generation and Movement of Fugitive Dust&r....

Orbital rocket launched from Western Europe for 1st time

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Protein found in Zebrafish can regenerate aged discs in human vertebrae

 NEW DELHI:A protein found in the backbone of zebrafish that plays a positive role in disc maintenance and promotes regeneration in aged discs between vertebrae can have potential therapeutic implications to promote regeneration in degenerated human discs. In humans, discs degenerate naturally,....

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