Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

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Kaniha : JITPL Derang Plant runs with goons, agents and unscrupulous officials

 (Fast Mail News) - The affected families of Jindal Thermal Power India Limited (JITPL) at Dereng have expressed dissatisfaction over non-fulfilment of  their long standing demands of compensation, rehabilitation and jobs in the project. The plant allegedly runs smoothly with  the help of local goons, agents and some unscrupulous administrative officials the reason best known to them.


Jindal India Thermal Power Ltd  established its 1200 MW Thermal Power Plant at Derang village in Angul district.The plant has 2 units of 600 MW each. Both of the units have already been commissioned and operational since Year 2015.


How ever,the affected families of JITPL are neglected one,the affected villagers alleged.They have alleged that though the JITPL started its production accruing crores of rupees,their problems  persists yet.The land losers are yet to get  jobs and proper rehabilitation besides other periphery development works in the region,it is alleged.


The company reportedly acquired 1073 acres of private land and 240 acres of government land.The affected villages are Dereng,Ghantianali and Mohanipal.About  700 acres of land from Dereng village ,out of which 500 acres are private land were acquired by the JITPL authorities.1700 families have been affected due to the project.



 Budhadeba Sahoo,President of JITPL Kyatigrasta Praja Sangha alleged, “Though the company officials had promised us  to absorb all the affected families in the project; the company authorities are yet to provide jobs to all the affected families.Besides,the company had promised to take  periphery development works in the region immediately after completion of the project. But even after years together,not a single pie has been spent for periphery development work”.


It is not that the company didn't give jobs to the people.Yes.It's given -,"Out of 1700 families about 450 persons were reportedly provided jobs in various categories.But,though the company provided jobs to some of the families; they are getting less salaries ranging from Rs5,000 to 11,000 rupees",locals allege.


"Though there are rules to absorb locals in contractual works, the authorities  allegedly brought outsiders in posts reserved for them with hiked salaries",it is alleged.


Ghanasyam Pradhan,a resident of Kaniha area alleged, “Though the project was set up eight to ten years back not a single pie has been spent for the development work of the region.Rather,the company authorities have damaged the road of Kaniha area due to playing of heavy vehicles. The company officials run the plant smoothly with the help of  the help of some local goons, agents and some administrative officials the reason best known to them”.

"The company spends roughly around 70 to 80 lakhs per month paying those goons,agents and unscrupulous officials.But the authorities didn't spend a single rupee for the development of the region",Nakula Naik,a local said,adding if anybody protest for their legitmate demands; the authorities in connivance with police tried to suppress their voice",he told Fast Mail News. 

"During the Corona pandemic; the company has not been able to provide a single mask to the local people to protect the people from the pandemic",he alleged.

'If the company authorities failed to do any  periphery development work in the region ,we would go for indefinite agitation in the days ahead"locals threaten. 

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