Monday 18th of January 2021

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Kashi's Ghat Will Shine With New Technology

 (FM) -The Yogi government is bringing about major changes in the cleaning system of Ghats of Kashi by best state of art facility. Yogi government is going to spend 10 crores on cleaning and sanitation of all 79 Ganges Ghats of Varanasi.


About 500 dustbins will also be installed at the ghats for the convenience of tourists and devotees. Along with the ghats, care will also be taken to clean the surrounding river banks. Cleaning of Ganga Ghats will be under the supervision of Yogi government officials round the clock. The State government is going to install more than 200 CCTV cameras to monitor the safety and cleanliness of the Ghats. These CCTV cameras will be directly connected to the computers of officials associated with the Namami Gange project in the capital. Officers will be able to directly monitor the cleanliness and safety of the ghats


Significantly, along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CM Yogi also promised the people of the country to make Ganga incessant and clean. The government, under the leadership of Namami Gange Department, has accelerated the work on this.



 CM is preparing to give the message of the ‘Nirmal Ganga Aviral Ganga’ to the entire world through the historical ghats of Varanasi. The Ganga Ghat of Kashi, the city of Lord Vishwanath, the center of the world's faith, will shine with new technology. Not only the ghats, the dirt and garbage will not be seen even within the radius of several kilometers of the Ganges. The Yogi government, which is constantly trying to cleanse the constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is planning to make a role model.

The Namami Gange department of the Yogi government is going to make a big change in the cleaning system by handing over the responsibility of cleaning the ghats of Kashi to the new company. The process of selection of new agency has also been started to implement world-class standards of Ghats cleanliness. This time along with cleaning workers, modern machines will also be deployed on the Ghats. The waste released from the Ganga Ghats will be put into these machines immediately and recycled. So that the garbage cannot spread again or flow into the water to reach the ghat or the Ganges. The waste to be recycled will be used for utility and other purposes under the prescribed arrangement.


In view of the lakhs of tourists, devotees coming from across the globe every year in Varanasi, the Yogi government has started conveying the message in the country and the world about serene ghats of Kashi.


After 79 ghats of Kashi, the Namami Gange department is also working on a plan to rejuvenate the cleaning system of 19 ghats of Prayagraj, 20 in Bithur, 21 of Kanpur Nagar, 27 ghats of Mathura Vrindavan. With the completion of the tenure of the current tender, fresh work will be started on these ghats as well.

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