Thursday 28th of October 2021

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Macron: France has no plans to stay in Mali for long time’

 PARIS:French President Emmanuel Macron said Friday at a summit that his country has “no goal of staying in Mali for a long time.”

The Africa-France Summit was held in Montpellier, where young Africans participated without the involvement of the heads of states of African countries.


 Macron, the only president at the summit, said he wants to close military bases in Mali as quickly as possible but there should be "strong state” and “investment projects,” and his goal is not to have bases on African soil forever.

The French president said his country is in Africa not to support any regime, but to fight terrorism.

Macron, who said the French army is in Mali at the request of the Malian government, told African governments that France is reducing support in terms of investment and Paris wants to carry out projects with civil society.  

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