Tuesday 27th of September 2022

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Mumbai's Lal Bagh receives a whopping Rs 2.5 crore donation from devotees in five days

 MUMBAI:Ganesh Utsav is celebrated with great pomp in Maharashtra. When the Ganpati of Mumbai is mentioned, the name of the king of Lal Bagh comes at the top. From many big film actors, political stars to common people, crowds come to see Lalbagh.

Ganpati of Lal Bagh is very much recognized and people come from far and wide to see here. Recently, Karthik Aryan, Ajay Devgan and Shahnaz Gill also reached for the darshan of the king of Lal Bagh. People not only from their own country but also from abroad reach for the darshan of the king of Lal Bagh.

Every day lakhs of people throng to see the king of Lal Bagh. People not only visit Ganpati but also make offerings and this time the king of Lal Bagh has been offered crores of rupees. Some have donated gold and some have also donated silver ornaments. When the donation box of the king of Lal Bagh was opened on the fifth day of Ganesh festival, huge  cash and gold and silver were found in it. In five days, donations of more than 2.5 crores have been received in the donation box of Lalbagh Raja.



 At the same time, two and a half kilos of gold and about thirty kilos of silver have been offered to the king of Lal Bagh.

This year the king of Lal Bagh has been dressed in the theme of Ram temple built in Ayodhya. Ganpati Bappa is dressed in red color. The idol of Ganesh ji is 12 feet tall. Let us tell you, the pandal of Lal Bagh was established in the year 1934, since then every year the pandal of the king of Lal Bagh is made and lakhs of people gather for his darshan.

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