Saturday 10th of December 2022

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Nasa spacecraft to smash into an asteroid

 (Fastmail News:)---The US space agency NASA is going to collide with an asteroid or say an asteroid in the next few hours. NASA's Dart mission wants to see that if a small star from space collides with the Earth, then how much it will be possible to stop it? According to the BBC report, this effort will be made on a target named Dimorphos, about 11 million kilometers from the Earth.

NASA says that this space rock is not coming to hit the earth at the moment, nor is there any possibility of it coming towards the earth after the test. This clash will take place at 4:44 am according to Indian time. It will be seen with the help of telescope. The new space telescope James Webb will also be used for its observation.


 According to the New York Times, NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test Aircraft, (Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft, or DART) is about to hit the asteroid, which is equivalent to the moon of a large space rock (Didymos). NASA launched the Dart mission last year. Space scientists believe that this technology can one day be used to save the Earth. A Moneycontrol report says that the Dart will hit the Dimorphos at a speed of 14,000 mph.

The last phase of this mission can be seen live on YouTube on NASA TV. In 2005, the US Parliament asked NASA to find such asteroids near the Earth by 2020 that could destroy a city. Which are 460 feet or larger in diameter. The diameter of Dimorphos is about 500 feet. There are still 15,000 more such asteroids to be discovered.


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