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NASA’s DART spacecraft successfully crashed into asteroid Dimorphos

Washington, Sep 27:-- US space agency - NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft successfully crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos at breakneck speed last night. The target was Dimorphos, a 160-metre-tall asteroid. DART slammed into the harmless asteroid 9.6 million kilometres away at 22,500 kilometres per hour.


The DART mission intentionally crashed on an asteroid to test a unique defence technology. The crash is aimed at giving Earth a defence tool against future asteroids headed our way. The 325 million dollar project was the first attempt to move a natural object in space but it will take days or perhaps weeks to assess how much the asteroid's path was altered.



 The DART, a vending machine-sized spacecraft that was launched in November, used novel navigational techniques created by the mission manager and spacecraft builder, Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory.
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Telangana to have first Integrated Rocket Facility of country by Skyroot Aerospace

Hyderabad, Nov 26:-- Telangana will have the first Integrated Rocket Design, Manufacturing, and Testing Facility of the country in Hyderabad by Skyroot Aerospace.   The state IT Minister K. Tarakarama Rao has assured the start-up of complete support for establishing the facility to design, manu....

ISRO launches PSLV-C54 rocket carrying earth observation satellite Oceansat & 8 nanosatellites

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