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Navratri 2022 Fasting Tips: What to eat and what not to during Navratri fast, know the complete diet list here

 Navratri 2022 Fasting Tips: The holy festival of Sharadiya Navratri has started. Devotees of the Goddess eagerly wait for this festival from all year long.

Many devotees keep fast for the entire nine days of Navratri. Some of these people keep fast on Nirjala and some on fruits. It is said that devotion should be done only as much as there is power in your body. Today we are going to give you some such tips, by adopting which you can celebrate the festival of Navratri in a healthy way. Actually, if we include these things in the fasting diet, then we can worship the Mother Goddess by keeping our body and mind healthy.

1. Make distance from tea and coffee

Many people have a habit of drinking tea and coffee several times a day. In such a situation, if you have kept a fast for Navratri, then refrain from drinking it. It is known that drinking tea and coffee in excess can cause dehydration. You can drink lemonade, shikanji, coconut water, juices, milkshakes, plain water and buttermilk during the fast.

2. Eat plenty of fruits

If you have kept the fast of Navratri on fruits, then you can consume fruits. Apart from seasonal fruits, include banana, coconut and apple in your fasting diet.

3. Taste these vegetables during fasting

Boiled potatoes, raw and cooked cilantro, carrot, cucumber, lemon, bottle gourd, spinach and tomato can also be consumed during the fast. Beetroot, tomato and cucumber salad can also prove to be very beneficial in fasting.



 4. Eating dairy products will benefit

You can drink warm milk before sleeping at night or in the morning for breakfast. If you do not like plain milk, then you can also make banana milkshake from it. Apart from this, taking curd keeps coolness in the stomach. Yogurt can be eaten with sugar or can be made into lassi. Along with this, you can also eat paneer, butter and khoya.

5. Eat Fruit Chaat

One should avoid eating fried things during the fast. Actually, eating more such things can cause bloating problem. So you can eat fruit chaat instead of eating fried things.

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