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Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin completes 5 years

 (FASTMAIL) -On the eve of completion of 5 years of the scheme and celebration of Awaas Diwas on 20th November, 2021, States/UTs have undertaken various activities to celebrate the Diwas such as Bhoomi Pujan, Gruh Pravesh, visit of beneficiaries to demonstration houses, sensitization of beneficiaries about PMAY-G etc.

Ensuring the fulfilment of the noble objective of housing for all, the Ministry in partnership with the State government endeavours to complete the target within the time frame.

To achieve the objective of providing “Housing to All” by the year 2022, the Government of India rolled out the revamped rural housing scheme, Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin (PMAY-G) was launched on 20th November, 2016 with effect from 1st April 2016. The program envisages the completion of 2.95 crore PMAY-G houses with all basic amenities by the year 2022.

The total release made to the States/UTs in FY 2021-22 under the PMAYG scheme is Rs.7775.63 Crore. The total release made to the States/UTs since the inception of the Scheme is as below:

Apart from focusing on providing houses to the eligible beneficiaries, PMAY-G also addresses the basic needs of households through convergence with other Government Schemes. The beneficiary is entitled to 90/95 person-days of unskilled labour from MGNREGS. The assistance for the construction of the toilet shall be leveraged through convergence with SBM-G. Convergence for piped drinking water, electricity connection, LPG gas connection etc. under different Government programmes is also an inherent thematic component.



An exercise for identification of households, who though eligible for assistance under PMAY-G as per the parameters specified under SECC-2011 but have not been included in the list of eligible beneficiaries and creating an additional list of eligible households was carried out by the Ministry of Rural Development through the States / UTs using Mobile Application “Awaas+”. The survey was started in January 2018 and completed till 7th March, 2019. In total 3.57 crore households were captured in the Awaas+ survey. Out of which, 2.76 crores household were found eligible and 51.07 lakh has been allocated to States/UTs so far.

The program is being implemented and monitored through end to end e-governance solutions, AwaasSoft and AwaasApp. AwaasSoft provides functionalities for data entry and monitoring of multiple statistics related to implementation aspects of the scheme. These statistics include physical progress (registrations, sanctions, house completion and release of instalments etc.), financial progress, status of convergence etc. Since the launch of the scheme in 2016, efforts are being taken to make the software more user friendly. New modules have been added in the software for making it more accessible and maintain transparency in the implementation of the programme. Some of the modules added recently in the software is as below:

 Landless Module - The scheme has also taken care of landless households in the permanent waitlist (PWL). The State Government must ensure the provision of land to landless households on priority as they are the neediest ones. Further, to map landless beneficiaries in the PWL of PMAY-G and to capture the status of availing land or financial assistance for land purchase to the landless beneficiaries, a module on landless has been developed. The module captures the status of land provided to landless beneficiaries either financially assisted or provided land physically.

 E-Ticketing system – The module has been introduced to address the grievances pertaining to technical as well as non-technical issues under PMAY-G as referred by the State/UTs.

 Adhaar Based Payment System –ABPS allows Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to the PMAY-G beneficiary in his/ her bank account linked with the Aadhaar number of the concerned beneficiary for the safe and authentic transaction.

In addition to the above, a module on understanding the features of PMAYG, from design to execution, is also available on iGOT, which is an e-learning platform intended for the capacity building of stakeholders of PMAY-G.

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