Sunday 5th of July 2020

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Soldiers deployed in Italy to curb clashes between residents due to COVID-19

 ROME:Soldiers were deployed to an abandoned residential complex under quarantine in Mondragone after clashes broke out between people living there on Friday.


The area was declared a red zone after 49 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in the buildings.


According to reports, clashes broke out between residents allegedly of Bulgarian origin, who wanted to leave the area to return to work on nearby farms and other residents who wanted to stick to the restrictions. 

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French president appoints Jean Castex as new PM

 PARIS:  Jean Castex has been appointed as thes new PM of France.Castex, a member of the Republicans has never been a minister before but is familiar with several ministries.  He was director of hospitalization and organization of care at the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Cohesio....

Russian President Vladimir Putin records resounding victory in presidential polls

 Moscow, 02 Jul:-- President Vladimir Putin has won a resounding victory in his bid to stay in power until the middle of the next decade, as Russians voted overwhelmingly to endorse the country's political status quo, according to preliminary results.   Russians went to the polls yesterday....

Serbia will not allow ethnic unrest : President Aleksandar Vucic

 BELGRADE: Serbian will not allow “extremists” to provoke ethnic tension and unrest, said the country’s president Wednesday, referring to a recent controversy over spiking coronavirus cases in a southwestern Bosniak city.   After the Muslim-majority city of Novi Pazar be....

German concern over China-European ties

Berlin, July 1 : Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Mass said on Wednesday that the situation of Hong Kong will affect China-European relationship. Beijing has implemented a new national security law for the former British colony despite opposition from western countries. Maas told a German publ....

Russia's coronavirus deaths dropped below 1,000

 MOSCOW:Russia's coronavirus-linked deaths this week dropped below 1,000 for the first time since April, latest figures show.   Virus-related fatalities fell from 1,163 last week to 962 ? a nearly 20% fall, according to the data by the country's coronavirus task force on Sunday.   Re....

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