Tuesday 27th of September 2022

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Strong Technical Advantages of TANK Platform, GWM TANK300 Will Bring a New Intelligent Off-road Experience

 BAODING:-- The latest batch of GWM TANK300 arrived at the Port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, providing consumers with more opportunities to experience and truly feel the technical strength of the GWM TANK Platform.


"GWM's intention behind TANK Platform creation is to provide an uncompromised product experience for consumers," said Gautam Arun, Product Director of GWM Middle East.

 The TANK Platform is a global intelligent professional off-road platform with an intelligent modular design created by GWM which integrates global superior resources. The platform boasts many fantastic features, such as intelligent off-road driving, high reliability and mighty power, to make more powerful and intelligent off-road products.

 The TANK Platform allows vehicles an outstanding intelligent off-road performance. It can be adapted to different types of intelligent off-road configurations, such as the TANK TURN (Turning Assist by Braking) function equipped by TANK300. This function can render an even more practical and convenient driving experience for users in harsh driving conditions. When a driver needs to turn in a narrow area, the vehicle can be controlled by the function automatically to pass the area smoothly with a smaller radius.



 High reliability is one of the most important features of the TANK Platform. Based on the analysis of various aspects including scenarios, users, and division of vehicle body, the platform can elevate the vehicle's adaptability to the environment, durability and corrosion resistance. Considering that the degree of corrosion varies in different areas of the vehicle body, the platform has carried out specialized anti-corrosion designs for easy-to-corrode parts, such as gluing and anti-corrosion wax spraying. With these unique processes, the body of a vehicle would not be affected by damp, rainy and snowy weather, which makes the vehicle more durable.

 Also, the TANK Platform can offer diversified types of powertrain, including ICE, PHEV and HEV, to create different types of vehicles. In terms of ICE, it has equipped vehicles with engines of various specifications. For example, the TANK300 is equipped with a 2.0T direct injection turbocharged gasoline engine with a maximum power of 167kW and a peak torque of 387N·m, which can help users cope with a variety of off-road scenarios, with power performance and fuel economy combined.

 Regarding these powerful strengths of the platform, PCAUTO, a leading Chinese automotive website, commented, "the TANK Platform can handle complicated road conditions with excellent performance and quality, and adapt to ever-changing off-road scenarios via the intelligent driving mode. The platform seems to endow its users with "magic" to satisfy their passionate and ever-exploring hearts."

 Currently, GWM TANK300 has already been launched globally. GWM TANK plans to develop more customized models based on this platform to offer a wider range of intelligent off-road products for global users.

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