Wednesday 1st of December 2021

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The United States and Romania issue Joint Statement on the Seventh Round of the Strategic Dialogue

 Washington,FASTMAIL - The Governments of the United States and Romania held the seventh round of the U.S.-Romania Strategic Dialogue in Washington, D.C. on November 9, 2021, following political consultations between Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu and U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken on November 8.

This bilateral engagement comes at a symbolic moment, as the United States and Romania celebrate the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the Joint Declaration on the Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century and the signing of the Agreement on the Deployment of the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System in Romania.

Romanian State Secretary for Strategic Affairs Dan Neculaescu and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Dr. Karen Donfried opened the Strategic Dialogue.

The United States and Romania assessed the progress achieved in the framework of the Strategic Dialogue and emphasized the importance of the U.S.-Romania partnership in addressing common threats and challenges.  The discussion focused on shared values and interests, reaffirming the strong, steady, and deepening bilateral cooperation between the United States and Romania and our joint commitment to enhance cooperation on a broad range of topics.

The meeting featured the established working groups of the Strategic Dialogue framework: political-military cooperation; regional political and economic developments; bilateral economic cooperation on infrastructure, investment, and trade; energy and the environment; cooperation in the field of the rule of law; and strengthening people-to-people connections.


 Security cooperation is a consistent part and a key component of the U.S.-Romania Strategic Partnership.  Together the two sides will build upon significant achievements, such as the missile defense site in Deveselu, and will continue to enhance their joint endeavors within NATO to carry out their commitments on defense and deterrence, with a special focus on the Black Sea region, a key component of Euro-Atlantic security.  The United States and Romania underscored the importance of building on Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s successful visit to Romania in October 2021 to deepen our cooperation on critical security issues.

Both sides agreed to work together to strengthen the transatlantic relationship, across all formats of cooperation.  The parties expressed their commitment to systematic and in-depth consultation and coordination regarding policies and initiatives that promote transatlantic strategic resilience, with the aim of reducing dependence on actors who do not share the values and interests of the transatlantic community, while at the same time increasing connections with like-minded partners and actors.

In particular, the United States and Romania will work closely on the future Strategic Concept of NATO, with a view to strengthening the Alliance in fulfilling its mission as the guarantor of peace and security in Europe.  At the same time, both parties underlined the importance of EU-NATO cooperation, ensuring complementarity and strengthening interoperability.  

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