Friday 14th of August 2020

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Trump's own opponents reject his suggestion of postponing the election

 Los Angeles, 31 July (Fast Mail News) - Senior leaders of his own party, Republicans, stood in opposition to President Donald Trump's suggestion of postponing the election due to the Corona virus. Senior party leaders rejected Trump's suggestion to postpone the presidential election following a tweet issued Thursday morning.


 Republican Majority Senate Leader Mitch Meccnol and party leader Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives said that Congress had the sole right to defer the election. The head of the US Federal Election, Chairman Alan Winteroub, has also expressed his opinion that Trump does not have the authority to postpone the election. A spokesman for former Republican President George Bush even said that Trump should cancel his tweet.



 He said that till date presidential elections have never been postponed in America, even if a situation of world war or epidemic has arisen in front of the country. Similar reactions have been expressed by senior Democratic Party leaders. In the House of Representatives, Joey Lafgren, Chairman of the House Committee, has called this suggestion inane. Trump had suggested in a tweet that some interruption in the 'Universe Postal Service' due to the Corona crisis is feared fraud. Six US states California, Utah, Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon and Washington are planning on postal voting, while half of the 50 states in the country allow postal voting. Of these, a large section uses postal voting instead of going to the polling station.


According to the constitution in the US, presidential elections are held every four years on the Tuesday of the first week of November and the newly elected President takes over the reins of power on January 20. According to the US Constitution, both houses of Congress have the sole right to postpone elections, which is possible through constitutional amendment. The Democratic Party has a majority in the Congress House of Representatives and the Republican Party in the Senate. According to the American media, Trump is trailing Democratic Party candidate Joi Biden in the last consecutive election poll.


In addition to Mitch Mecknol and McCarthy, senior seniors in the Senate, Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio, have expressed surprise at Trump's tweet, calling the election postponement meaningless. Both Republican Party leaders were possible candidates in the last presidential election.

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