Friday 14th of August 2020

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Truth about investigation and Rafael deal will also be revealed: Congress

 New Delhi, 31 July:-- The Congress has once again tried to surround the Modi government regarding the Rafale deal. Referring to Operation 'West End', Congress leader Jayveer Shergill said that when the Rafale deal is investigated, the truth will come before the country.
Congress spokesperson Jayveer Shergill on Friday addressed the journalists through videoconferencing, saying that the deal Rafael has made is not for the safety of the country but for the safety of the pocket. He accused the Modi government of the Center and said that the way the truth has come to the fore through the court in the West End case. Likewise, when the Rafale case is investigated, the country will also know this truth.
 The Congress leader said that the government should follow the law while keeping transparency on the defense agreements of this country. Meanwhile, citing Operation 'West End', Shergill said that a defense agreement was also reached in the year 2001, which exposed the disturbances. Then the former BJP president Bangaru Laxman was caught on camera taking bribe in his own office. It was named Operation 'West End' Judgment-1. Now Operation 'West End' Judgment-2 has arrived, where Jaya Jaitley and his associates were punished by sitting in the house of the Defense Minister for taking bribe and getting the deal done. It is clear what role of BJP in defense deals.
During this time, the Congress has also asked three questions to the Central Government. The main opposition party has asked whether the agreements that were reached were with the policy of making countries or by the policy of making money. Second, is the government doing the deal keeping national security in mind, or keeping in mind the security of its own pocket? Third, is the government acting legally or recommendably?
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