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Ukraine preparing to join EU Convention on Common Transit Procedure, sign road freight transport agreement – Ukrainian PM

 KYIV:Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has said that Ukraine plans to join the EU Convention on Common Transit Procedure in the near future and is preparing to sign a road freight transport agreement with the European Union (EU).

 "We are planning… to join the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure in the near future. This document is the basis for the movement of goods between EU member states. We are already using the relevant computerized NCTS system, and are technically ready to join the relevant Convention," Shmyhal said at a government meeting on Tuesday.

 According to him, such accession will significantly speed up customs clearance and speed up the flow of goods, which will improve the quality of customs and provide new opportunities for Ukrainian business.

 "In addition, we are preparing to sign a road freight transport agreement with the EU. The European Commission has already recommended to Member States to liberalize such transportation from Ukraine. Work in this direction is proceeding at an active pace, because in the conditions of blocking our ports, we need to maximize the capabilities of the western border," the prime minister said.



  He also said that Ukraine has stepped up the opening of new checkpoints.

 "In the near future, two such checkpoints will be opened on the western border. An ambitious plan is that the Ministry of Infrastructure, the State Border Guard Service and the Customs Service are faced with the task of creating checkpoints in the next six months where roads have already been built or where such roads can be quickly built," he said.

 In addition, according to him, Ukraine will begin a staged construction of a European railroad to connect the Ukrainian railway with the European one.

 "First, it will link large nodes and large cities, and then a gradual expansion throughout the country will be," he said.

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