Tuesday 28th of June 2022

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Ukraine won't accept alternatives to EU candidate country status - FM

MOSCOW: Ukraine will not agree to any surrogate options or alternatives to EU candidate country status, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.

 "Ukraine will not accept any surrogate options or alternatives (no matter how rosy they are) to candidate country status. We need EU candidate country status, not the status of a candidate for a candidate, not a potential candidate, no other surrogate, nothing of this sort. One doesn't need to invent anything special for us," the Ukrainian media quoted Kuleba as saying as a press briefing on Wednesday.

 Ukraine does not need any Minsk-3 agreements, any new disengagement lines or a ceasefire, which would freeze the situation for years, he said.


"The situation remains under control, and no one will be able to agree on anything behind our backs. All partners are well aware of our position. And any Minsk-3 [agreements], any new disengagement lines or a ceasefire, which would freeze the situation as it is now for years, are not needed," Kuleba said.

 Attempts are being observed to start a debate on "for how long it is possible to support Ukraine, for how long Ukraine itself will be able to withstand," he said.

 "But it's just a light breeze for now rather than gale-force winds, which knock down everything in their path," the minister said.

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