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Ukrainian doctors continue the surgery even after the power cut due to Russian missile attacks

Kyiv, Nov 26, (Fast Mail News):-- A video of Ukraine is going viral on social media in which some Ukrainian doctors performing heart surgery of a child in a hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, even after the city's power has been cut due to Russian missile attack. After watching this video, the condition of the people living in the war zone can be estimated. Not only soldiers but every person of the country is fighting in the war.


On Thursday, a social media user Irina Voychuk posted it on Twitter, "During the Russian missile attack on Ukraine today, the Heart Institute in Kyiv lost power. Surgeons were performing emergency heart surgery of a child."



 The nearly 2-minute-long video has been viewed over 15,000 times on Twitter. The footage showed a team of surgeons continuing the operation in limited light. Apart from the tiny headlamps of the surgeons, the room is pitch dark. There is also no overhead light normally seen in operating rooms.


According to the sources, one of the doctors in the video said, "That's how we do heart surgery today." In the operation, a cardiopulmonary bypass was performed to replace two of the heart valves. "Nobody knows what happened, but the OT room went completely dark." The doctor sarcastically said, "Let the Russians have fun." He said, "Today there is a child on the operation table and in the middle of surgery the power went out completely.

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