Friday 27th of November 2020

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US election : Biden very likely to be the 46th President of United States of America

 (Fast Mail) -  Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is poised to be the 46th president of United States of America as he finally  took a lead in Georgia, Pennsylvania,nevada and Arizona over President Donald Trump even  face numerous legal challenges.

Joe Biden's democratic party is leading in almost all states.

 Decision Desk HQ projects that Joe Biden  has won Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral college votes for a total of 273.



 More ballots are yet to be counted, but shortly before 1400 GMT, Biden had moved ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump by more than 5,500 votes, according to  results. 

Biden currently has at least 253 electoral votes. The magic number is 270. If he wins Pennsylvania -- a state won by Trump in 2016 -- and its 20 electoral votes, he would pass that threshold.

In Georgia, the former vice president was ahead by 917 votes over Trump,according to reports. 

Biden, on the other hand, looks certain to have Nevada. 



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