Monday 18th of January 2021

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US President-elect Joe Biden picks new cabinet

 - Most in the new cabinet have experience of working with President Obama

- Jake Sullivan appointed as National Security Advisor (NSA)

Washington, 24 November (FastMail)- America's newly elected President Joe Biden announced his new cabinet on Tuesday. Linda Thomas has been named US ambassador to the United Nations in Biden's new cabinet. Jake Sullivan has been assigned the responsibility of National Security Advisor (NSA) while Antony Blinken has been appointed as the Secretary of State. All 6 people included in the cabinet have experience working with President Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden.


Linda Thomas - American Envoy to the United Nations

In Biden's new cabinet, Linda Thomas was named US ambassador to the United Nations. Linda, a 35-year veteran, has served on four continents for the US Foreign Service. She has held diplomatic positions for Liberia, Switzerland, Pakistan, Kenya, Gambia, Nigeria and Jamaica. In addition, she served as Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of African Affairs during Obama-Biden's tenure.


Jake Sullivan - National Security Advisor

Jake Sullivan, a close aide of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has been named to the post of National Security Advisor (NSA). Sullivan served as National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden and Director of Policy Planning at the State Department during the Obama regime. Jake Sullivan is currently a senior policy adviser to Joe Biden in the presidential election. He formerly served as deputy assistant to the president, and as national security adviser to then vice president Joe Biden during Obama's term.



 Antony Blinken – Secretary of State

Antony Blinken has been appointed foreign minister. Antoine Blinken has been associated with Biden as a consultant for the past several years. He has served as the deputy secretary of state during the Obama-Biden administration as the country's second-highest ranking diplomat. He has previously held top foreign affairs positions on Capitol Hill in the White House and State Department. Antony Blinken has held senior foreign policy positions in two administrations over three decades and has advised Biden on foreign policy since 2002.


John Kerry - Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

Likewise, newly elected President Biden has chosen John Kerry for the role of climate change. Kerry will lead the incoming administration's effort to combat climate change. He is a senator, former Secretary of State from Massachusetts and a Democratic presidential candidate. It was he who signed the Paris Climate Agreement on behalf of the United States in 2015. Has started a bipartisan organization with the goal of reaching net-zero carbon in the US by 2050. He has been Secretary of State under the 68th United States President Barack Obama.


Avaris Haynes - Director of National Intelligence

Avarice Haines has been appointed Director of National Intelligence. She has been the former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama and Legal Advisor to the National Security Council. She is the first woman to serve as deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He has worked in various roles with Biden for over a decade. Avarice Haines served as an assistant to the President and Principal Deputy National Security Advisor from 2015-2017 during the Obama administration. During this time he headed the deputy committee of the National Security Council.


Alejandro Mayorkas - Secretary of Homeland Security

Alejandro Mayorkas has been appointed Secretary of Homeland Security of the US. Mayorkas served as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security during the Obama-Biden regime. Alejandro Mayorkas is the first Latino and immigrant to be named as Secretary of Homeland Security. He has led a distinguished 30-year career as a law enforcement officer and a nationally recognized lawyer in the private sector. Mayorkas served as deputy secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security in the Obama-Biden administration from 2013 to 2016 and director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services from 2009 to 2013.

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