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Veer Savarkar flew out of jail sitting on Bulbul's wing – Chapter included in Karnataka schools

 (Fast Mail News) -A new controversy  arises in Karnataka over the inclusion of Veer Savarkar's chapter in the syllabus by the state government.The BJP government of the state has added a new chapter related to the life of Hindutva ideologue Veer Damodar Savarkar after revising the 8th class syllabus. It has been written in Kannada language that Veer Savarkar used to come out of jail sitting on Bulbul's wing, on which controversy arises.

It is written in this book that when Savarkar was imprisoned in the Andaman and Nicobar Island jail, Savarkar used to come to see the country sitting on the wing of a bird. It is worth noting that earlier this chapter was not included in this class 8th book. It has been added recently after new revision. Actually, the government had entrusted the responsibility of amending the book to the revision committee headed by Rohit Chakratirth. However, now this committee has been dissolved.

According to the information, the revision committee has included the chapter of Savarkar in the revised textbook, whereas earlier this chapter was not there in the book. It has been written after revision in one chapter of Kannada language textbook of class VIII. It is noteworthy that the second language prescribed for 8th standard students in Karnataka is Kannada.



 It is further mentioned in a paragraph of this chapter that the room in which Savarkar was kept in the jail did not even have any light holes. But a Bulbul used to come to his room and Savarkar used to come out of jail sitting on his wings so that he could see his motherland every day.

Recently, former Karnataka CM Yediyurappa launched the Savarkar Rath Yatra. The purpose behind this was told to spread awareness about Savarkar. After which Hinduist organizations are now announcing that Savarkar's picture will be installed on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Posters have also been issued for this.

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