Monday 23rd of May 2022

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US : 1 dead, 24 injured in gunfire at Arkansas car show

 (FASTMAIL) - One person was killed and at least 24 others injured after a gunmen shot at attendees of a car show in Arkansas, police in the southern US state said on Sunday.

Police have been investigating into the incident.A suspect was taken into custody, but police were searching for "others who may have been firing into the crowd of people", the statement said.



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US Congress eyes $600M weapons assistance to Ukraine

 WASHINGTON:U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that lawmakers on Capitol Hill want to provide Ukraine with "lethal defense weapons" worth $600 million to help Kiev defend itself against military attack from Russia. Earlier in the day, U.S. President Joe Biden announced furt....

US President Joe Biden unveils new sanctions on Russia; All Russian assets in America to be frozen

 WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden unveiled new sanctions on Russia meant to punish the country for its invasion of Ukraine. Addressing the nation from the White House, Mr. Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the aggressor and now his country will bear the consequences.  

US death count from COVID-19 pandemic surpasses 900,000

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Winter storm leaves 230,000 people without power in US

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