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Keir Starmer: Britain’s new prime minister

 LONDON: Keir Starmer, a 61-year-old London-born centrist politician,raised in a working-class family, Starmer attended the Reigate Grammar School before studying law at the University of Leeds.Later at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford Starmer's began legal career in earnest as a barrister.

Starmer entered entered into politics in 2015 when he was elected as the member of parliament for Holborn and St Pancras. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Labour Party, serving in key shadow Cabinet positions, including shadow Brexit secretary.

Starmer’s meticulous approach and legal background made him a prominent voice in the debates over the UK’s departure from the European Union. In April 2020, he was elected as the leader of the Labour Party, succeeding Jeremy Corbyn.



 Since becoming the Labour leader, Starmer has faced significant challenges, including internal party divisions and the broader political landscape shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. His tenure has seen mixed electoral results, with notable successes and setbacks.

Despite these challenges, Starmer said he remains committed to his vision for a fairer and more equitable Britain.

Starmer said he has been seeking to reposition the party on the global stage, emphasizing strong alliances with traditional partners like the US and the EU, while also advocating for a robust response to global challenges such as climate change and international security.

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Two hikers found dead in U.S. national park

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