Sunday 5th of July 2020

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Fast Mail is a news portal to provide its readers latest happenings across the world within minutes not hours. Fast Mail  is only international news portal in the state of Odisha in India having latest breaking news around the world.

It brings Fastest and Factual News and Top Breaking Headlines on current affairs around the world.This is a people-centric portal and an initiative to know the world better ranging issues from politics to sports,business to & Technology,lifestyle,entertainment and various other issues of the world.

Fast Mail sincerely would  endeavour to be strictly impartial, professional and are prompt in delivering news very fast comparable to other portals. The portal will bridge the gap between people and the government of concerned  countries around the world.


It is an initiative of Fast Mail Media Pvt Ltd to know the countries,their culture,language races better.

Given to its wider acceptability the readership figure is on rising day and day since its launching .We are at our best to fulfill the void that was there in the world as an international news  portal.

Editor :
Jagadananda Pradhan
Email :
Mob :(+91) 9337933340
Ph : (+91)0764295999
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