Saturday 4th of July 2020

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Online talent hunt platform for youngsters

Hyderabad July 4:-- An an online talent showcasing platform and brainchild of 3 professionals from diverse backgrounds of education, branding and performing arts domains, is hosting the biggest online talent hunt in India.
The Contest Talenterez will unearth and spot the bubbling energy and creativity of children and adolescents in the age group of 2.5 years to 18 years.
TALENTERZ is open for participants from anywhere in India. Being online, talented kids from the remotest part of the country can take part. It is an opportunity to discover the hidden talent in the rural and semi-urban areas of India, who otherwise do not have access to such contests.   
The platform provides an opportunity for the budding talent to unleash the inherent brilliance and charm the world with their sheer imagination and originality, said  Ramya Gangadharan, Founder, Talenterz.  
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Lifetime free bus pass for "Man of Lakes" Kamegowda

 Bengaluru, July 2 (HS) The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has announced lifetime free bus pass for Kamegowda, popular as ‘Man of  Lakes’ to travel in all classes of the state-run KSRTC buses.   It may be recalled that Kamegowda's unique environmental concerns....

New study reveals that Indian youth look for stress free domestic holidays

 Kolkata, July 1 :  Since the introduction of Unlock 01 last month, more and more young Indians are now seeking quick and stress-free getaways close to home or at short distances. to stay at handpicked hotels at affordable cost.    In view of this new trend, a number of rep....

Rag picker gets a decent burial in Chennai, thanks to police

 Chennai, June 27 (FM)A 60 year-old rag-picker, whose body was lying dead on the platform near Otteri Housing Board in Chennai, got a decent burial on Friday. A police officer came forward and lend a helping hand to the family of the deceased.   Inspector of Police at Secretariat Colony p....

Wife torches husband over dispute in Kolkata

 Kolkata, June 27, (FM) The stories of husband's atrocities on wives are quite common, but in Salt Lake area of Kolkata, a wife committed atrocities on her husband by beating, kicking and hitting him. She even burned her husband with cigarettes. The husband lodged a police complaint on Friday. ....

Smokers at a higher risk of dying from Covid-19 - Milind Soman

 New Delhi :Milind Soman is in discussion about his fitness. He also inspired people to stay fit by sharing videos and photos of running and exercise. Now he has given another message to people about fitness. His message is especially for those who smoke.   Milind Soman wrote on twitter, ....

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