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Contemporary Art and its glory of aesthetics expression by Artist Sasadhar Pati

 Q:- 1, Mr Pati why the public likes your creative canvas?


Ans:- Because of my compositional arrangement techniques and colours scheme treatment on the canvas  are the special attractions of my work.


Q:-2- .How you got inspired towards art education ?


Ans:- Very truly and proudly I say here ,I have got inspiration from my Father.  He is an artist . I had learn lot of things from him and I carry on more inspirations from my teachers and relatives.


Q:-3-.Can you express your feelings  on your native place .


Ans :- Its very pleasing question for me. My native place is Mallikapur , in the  Block of Dasarathpur situated in East Jajpur .My village have  own identity in pree- post Independence history .I  feel proud because I belong from that holly land .


Q:- 4-Can you tell which moment  you  felt  more happiness and which moments  were not so  good for you ?


Ans :- when I  attend International art camp  at Himanchal pradesh  on 2019 really that was an  unexpected dream . And sorrow moment was ,  when my beloved wife passed away. And I handled the situations very carefully till today.


Q:- 5-.As an Artist what changes you needs in the art  field or any new suggestions to OLKA.

 Ans :- No doubt it is an excellent question for me , now the days art field needs a good leadership in our state  , because our govt openly implements various scheme through lalit kala Academy, but my opinion is the secretary and president of the OLKA ,must be honored  with higher remuneration  , because odisha is the land of art and culture ,so that people's must be benefit as per their talents and derivative works . And govt must create Art lecturer post in medical colleges  , Engineering colleges and simultaneously in general  colleges due to the demand of their education enhancement .


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