Tuesday 24th of November 2020

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Over 3,000 Palestinian children killed by Israeli regime since 2000

 GAZA:Israeli forces have killed over three thousand Palestinian children since the beginning of the Second Intifada also known as the Aqsa Intifada in September of 2000 while tens of thousands of others sustained injuries.


The figures were released by the Palestinian Ministry of Information who pointed to the deliberate killing of Palestinian children by the Israeli military. The Palestinian Ministry of Information added that 123 Palestinian minors have been killed and many more injured ever since US President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem al-Quds as the Israeli capital in December 2017.


Since 2008 Israeli forces waged three wars on the Gaza Strip killing and maiming thousands of children. During Israel’s 20-14 war on Gaza Israeli forces killed over 2,200 Gazans including hundreds of children with more than 11,000 people wounded.



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Human Rights Watch calls on Saudi Arabia to stop the executions of eight men

 Human Rights Watch has called on Saudi Arabia to stop the imminent execution of eight men charged with activities related to a wave of anti-government protests while they were under the age of 18.   In a statement on Tuesday, the New York-based group denounced Saudi Arabia’s death ....

QSD militia storms kidnaps 6 refugees among them women in Hasaka

 Hasaka: US –backed QSD militia stormed al-Haul camp and town in Hasaka eastern countryside and kidnapped 6 refugees, among them women.   The armed groups of QSD militia stormed many houses in al-Haul town and kidnapped 3 refugees who have earlier escaped from aggressions of Daesh t....

Haddad: Turkey is responsible for unimpeded movement of terrorists in region

 Moscow : Syrian Ambassador in Moscow, Dr. Riad Haddad affirmed that Turkish regime shoulders the full responsibility for the unimpeded movement of terrorists across the Syrian-Turkish borders.   On the news of the Turkish regime’s transferring terrorists from Syria to the Nagorno-K....

Libya is a victim of migration, not its reason, says GNA President Serraj

 (FastMail) - Libya, as a country of transit for migrants, cannot surmount the associated challenges without international support, the country’s Head of State told world leaders gathered virtually for the UN General Assembly, rejecting “unilateral” reports on the situation of....

Despite ‘compromises’, peace remains elusive in Yemen, says President

 (Fast Mail News) - The President of Yemen on Thursday called on the international community to end the suffering of Yemenis through ensuring “decisive and active” pressure on “the Houthis and Tehran,” and for the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions demandi....

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