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Nordic NATO states open airspace for allied flights

 OSLO: Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden have signed a declaration to enhance Nordic cooperation within NATO that will open up northern European airspace for allied training, Norwegian Defence Minister Bjorn Arild Gramme said on Wednesday.

"The membership of all the Nordic countries in NATO opens the door to even closer cooperation. There is a need for more airspace to conduct Allied training and exercises. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland have signed a declaration to further develop Nordic cooperation to make Nordic airspace available for NATO activities," Gramme said in a statement.


 The declaration will enable the alliance to conduct increased activities in Norwegian airspace in the future, which means it will be necessary to review and update the country's framework for cross-border activities, the statement read.

"The main purpose of the declaration is to enhance the value of Nordic cooperation and integration as an integral part of NATO capabilities. The declaration highlights the important role that further integration can play in Nordic cooperation in general and establishes that the Nordic countries will now work together to further develop existing cooperation to meet the growing needs of the Alliance," the statement added.

Sweden and Finland simultaneously submitted applications to join NATO in May 2022. Finland became the 31st member of the US-led military alliance on April 4, 2023. Sweden became the 32nd NATO member state on March 7.

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Biden tests positive for COVID-19 while campaigning in Las Vegas

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Gunfire kills 4, injures several others near mosque in Oman's Wadi al-Kabir

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2 killed, 4 injured in Israeli airstrikes in S. Lebanon

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Two hikers found dead in U.S. national park

 LOS ANGELES:  Two hikers, a man and his daughter, have been found dead at a  national park amid high temperatures in the western U.S. state of Utah, authorities said. San Juan County Sheriff's Office and the National Park Service are investigating the incident.

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