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Both BJP and BJD are indifferent to atrocities against women,says congress

 BHUBANESWAR: Atrocities on women are on increase in the country and the state and the BJP people are leaving the country after ruining the lives of hundreds  of women in the country,Odisha Congress incharge.Dr Ajoy Kumar said.

 Kumar while addressing press at the Congress Bhawan today said what is worried that the prime minister is totally silent on this issue.He said neither the prime minister nor the woman development minister is opening their mouth on this issue.

 Stating that atrocities on women in the country has increased by two-fold,the Prime Minister is approaching the crime on party line. He regretted that there is no option by the government when party functionaries commit atrocities on women.The government is covering their crime. Mentioning Varanasi BHU case, he charged the prime minister for keeping silence on this issue.

 Bobbeeta Sharma,the media incharge of the state  referred  Manipur violence which has made India ashamed all over the world.How the criminals had made naked the wife of a jawan and then paraded on the street  was a matter of great concern in the civil society.

 She said BJP government at that time couldn’t provide security to the woman of  jawan.Then how can it will protect a common woman in the street. She said that the young woman in Manipur  who was paraded naked  was wife of an army jawan who had served in defending the country in Kargil. “If PM cannot protect even the wife of an army jawan who risks his life in protecting our country how can he protect the common women of this country? “she questioned.

 Critisizing the crime situation in Odisha,Sharma said that the Naveen Government is following the steps of BJP party in the State in crime against women. “Odisha holds 4th position in the country in crime against women. At the rate crime against women is increasing in the state in the last 24 years it will soon be the first. Naveen Patnaik Govt is competing to become the first in crime against women in the country”she stated.

 Stinging on the state government over the crime situation in the state,Sharma said recalled the heart-rending incidents of the victims of rape and murder of Bebina of Pipli, Itishree from Raygada, Pari from Nayagarh, Laxmi Majhi warden of Maa Gruha whose charred body was found in 2022 and the very recent Moumita Meher case. From newsspaper reports it was known that one person who was involved Gobinda Sahu committed suicide,she said.

 “Now we must ask why did he commit suicide? It is known to all that a powerful MLA is involved in the case and Government is trying to suppress it. People of Odisha must not rest till this case is solved”,Sharm stated.

 BJD is no less than BJP in this matter.On the issue of crime on women Odisha stands at the fourth place and tying to number one,she questioned.

 “There are other BJD  MLA's like Srikant Sahu and Bidya Shankar Das who have cases against them of molestation against women. I want to ask every person here who have mothers, sisters and daughters how will you feel safe in a state and country when the government fails to give protection to the women of our state and country? It is therefore time for you change this government both at state and the centre for the sake of safety of our women”,She said.

 Not to speak of action against them,she said  the party has made them candidates in this election.What kind of message the party wants to give on this.

 Even if, BJD stands naked when it gives ticket to MLA Srikanta Sahoo and others when they were involved  in rape of women  insensitiveness in this matter has been exposed.She accused BJP government from trying to change the constitution and  will change the provision have reservations in favour of OBC,SC and ST.

 The BJD in the state and BJP in the centre are having hand in globe in all relations.There is a relation of milk and water between them.Both are anti-women and indifferent on protecting the human womens interest.


  Speaking on the occasion, the Prachar Committee chairman Bhakta Charan Das charged BJP as anti-constituion. He said that RSS is telling to change the constitution.BJD is also supporting BJP in its drive to change the constitution.

 He alleged thatr BJP is always trying to always to deprive poor women,adivasi OBC of the reservations guaranteed in the constitution. He said there are 63 per cent OBC in the state out of which 11.25 per cent regretting reservation facility.

 “Mandal commission proposed to give 27 per cent reservation but the government ignored that’Das said.

While congress was in power in Chhatisgarh,he said “it has returned the land of adivasis to them.Not only adivasis but also any valuable plans at Bhubaneswar  are under the  control of builders”.

 He alleged the companies are giving hundreds of crores of rupees to BJP and BJD  by grabbing the land. “The state government is indifferent of the interest of dalits and adivasis.It is continuing its oppressive policies against these section of the people and trying to bring back the slavery system”,he added.

 Congress is committed for protecting the interest of adivasis,he said adding If comes to power justice will given to women,adivasis and dalit people.

Among others Odisha congress media chairman Dr.Biswaranjan Mohanty,Odisha co-incharge Sahnawaj Chouhury and Socail media chairman attended the press meet.


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