Friday 8th of December 2023

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Mahatma Gandhi kept wearing only dhoti for 32 years: Know why

NEW DELHI:In most of the pictures of Mahatma Gandhi you have been seen in dhoti. You might have seen some pictures on social media in which he is seen in suit and boots. But have you wondered what happened that Mahatma Gandhi suddenly gave up suits and boots and started wearing dhoti?

From suit-boots to adopting dhoti in his attire, Mahatma Gandhi stopped wearing everything from shoes to turban. But why?

The reason behind this is that when Mahatma Gandhi returned from England after practicing law, he saw that he was a citizen of a country where almost all the people were poor. How should they explain to the people of their country that I am one of you? After this he said that I will wear as many clothes as the common man of this country can wear.

Mahatma Gandhi continued struggling for 15 years from 1915 to 1947. Mahatma Gandhi was carrying the entire country along and was struggling.

During the non-cooperation movement of 1921, Gandhi declared a boycott of foreign cloth. But as time passed, he realised it was too difficult to replace all the foreign cloth at once because people did not have enough resources to do it.

In a public meeting at Madura on 22 September 1921,he advised people to wear with a loin cloth.He went further saying, “I give the advice under a full sense of responsibility. In order therefore to set the example I propose to discard at least up to the 31st October my topi and vest and to content myself with only a loin-cloth and a chaddar whenever found necessary for the protection of the body".

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