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Add some juces to your meal and make yourself healthy

New Delhi, May 6, (Fast Mail News):-- Some people include juice in their breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. But, not every juice is good for breakfast. Because some vitamins and minerals have such a nature that they cause acidity after their consumption, the stomach produces too much acidic bile juice and throughout the day you will have indigestion and gas. So, therefore it is important to know which juice is beneficial for breakfast.


Carrot juice is considered best for breakfast. Actually, it is a juice that is rich in flavonoids and carotenoids and its consumption gives a booster start to the body. However, it does not play havoc with the lining of the stomach like citrus juices. Carrot juice balances the pH of the stomach and prevents problems like acidity and indigestion.


Drinking beetroot juice boosts red blood cells in your body. It increases blood in your body and makes your brain cells healthy. By drinking this juice early in the morning, metabolism will remain fast, energy will remain in the body and your face will also glow.


This juice made from green leafy vegetables is helpful in speeding up your digestive system. It increases the movement of the stomach and intestines, which keeps the stomach clean, liver works fast and does not cause problems related to the digestive system. Apart from this, the proteins and special antioxidants of this juice keep bones healthy and promote muscle function.


So, include these drinks in breakfast. These will neither give you acidity, nor will your weight increase. This will help you stay healthy in every way.

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