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Have spicy chutneys to get rid out of acidity

New Delhi, May 5, (Fast Mail News):-- Acidity is such a problem that can bother anyone at any time. There is no big reason behind it and no fixed time. In such a situation, it is better to take the help of some home remedies instead of taking medicines. Actually, medicines reduce acidity but they also damage the lining of the stomach. Apart from this, they also spoil the pH of your stomach, due to which you may have other problems. So, instead of taking acidity medicine, eat these chutneys. Yes, it must have sounded strange, but let's know the recipe and benefits of making them.


Mint sauce is helpful in reducing acidity. Peppermint is an antacid, which helps reduce acid reflux. Apart from this, the special thing about mint is that it is cooling. It reduces the bile juice of the stomach, balances the pH and is helpful in reducing acidity. So, take mint leaves, grind it add some black salt to it and add lemon juice. Then consume it.


Chutney made from celery leaves is beneficial for your health in many ways. All you have to do is grind some celery leaves, add some salt and lemon juice to it. Then consume it. It is helpful in reducing acidity immediately.


Coconut chutney is beneficial in many ways in terms of health. This chutney balances the pH of the stomach along with calming the acidic juices. Just keep in mind that while making this, do not use too much chili spice in it. Just take raw coconut and grind it. Now add black salt and cumin powder to it. Now eat it.

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