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We will fight together,win and change the situation of the country: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has written a letter to Congress workers before the third phase of elections. In his letter, Rahul Gandhi has appealed to the workers to work hard till the election. He said that this election is not an ordinary election.

He has shared a letter on his social media, in which he has written that "My dear fellow Congress workers, this election is not an ordinary election - it is a fight to save our democracy and constitution.

On one side is the Congress ideology of love and justice and on the other side is the ideology of fear, hatred and division of the Modi government, BJP and RSS." The Congress leader further wrote, "The biggest strength of Congress in this fight is loyal workers like you. You are fearless, because the ideology of Congress is in your hearts, in your thoughts and in your actions. You are the backbone of the party and we cannot win without you."



 Rahul Gandhi further said, "I sincerely thank you for your hard work so far. Because of you, we have been able to listen to the people of India and create a revolutionary manifesto. We have fought well in the first two phases of the elections. We have been able to resist the lies and distractions of the BJP and force them to answer us."

He further said in his letter, "Now it is time to work hard for another month - to ensure that our guarantee reaches every Indian, and to ensure that everyone comes out to vote. Let us all together take the message of the Congress and our guarantee to every village, locality, street and house. Now the time has come to go door to door. We have to reach every Chuva, woman, labourer, farmer and deprived family. I am giving my all in this fight and I want the same from you." Rahul concluded, "As long as even a single Congress worker stands for truth, hatred cannot win in India - and we are not one, but crores. Together we will fight, win and change the situation of the country."

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