Monday 28th of September 2020

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Mizoram: CM Zoramthanga releases 13 books of Governor Sreedharan Pillai

 Aizawl, Aug 08:-- Mizoram Governor P S Sreedharan Pillai did not let the Corona virus induced lockdown go in vain, but made use of his free time at the Raj Bhavan by writing books and poems. He has written at least 13 books, which include collections of poems in English and Malayalam since March. Chief Minister Zoramthanga released some of Governor's books at a function on Saturday.
His two books - "Republic Day 2020" and "Thus Speaks the Governor" - was released on Saturday by Guwahati High Court Chief Justice Ajai Lamba, which are related to his official speeches as governor.
The governor is of the notion that politicians and public workers must have the habit of reading books to educate the mass. 
Ten of his poems, including "Corona Kavithakal" in Malayalam, are related to Covid-19. "Corona Kavithakal" deals with philosophical questions in pandemic times and his another poem Vayojanam (Elderly) centres around the theme of human helplessness and how humanity helps people in tackling the pandemic. The poem Mahamari (Pandemic) asserts the power of human will to take on adversities.
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Special cone provided by Kanchi Peetha will be found in the foundation of Shri Ram temple

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Big Boost to Khadi; Indian Red Cross Society to Buy 1.80 lakh Face Masks from KVIC

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