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Russia, N. Korea resume road bridge project - MP

MOSCOW:Russia and North Korea have restarted a project to build a highway bridge between the two countries, coordinator of the group for interaction between the Russian State Duma and the North Korean Supreme People's Assembly Kazbek Taisayev said.

"I think that design work on the road bridge has already started. Work in this regard is already underway," Taisayev told reporters on Tuesday.



 The project to build a bridge between the Russian village of Khasan and the North Korean village of Tumangang began to be prepared long ago, but "it was frozen," Taisayev said.

 State Duma member from the Russian Communist Party (CPRF) Taisayev said the need to expand transport links between Russia and North Korea became relevant a long time ago.

 On Tuesday, CPRF Central Committee Chairman Gennady Zyuganov met with a delegation of representatives from the Workers' Party of Korea. During the meeting, he said that contacts between Russia and North Korea should be intensified.

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DPRK test-fires strategic cruise missile

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