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BJP and BJD destroyed Odisha:Kharge

 By Jagadananda Pradhan
Lambasting at BJD and BJP government, All India Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has expressed confidence  that BJP government will not come to power in the centre and will get not more than 200 seats.At the same time he also predicted  that Naveen Patnaik government which  ruled Odisha for 25 years will also go and congress will come to power in the state.

Addressing a press conference at Mayfair Convention Hall,Bhubaneswar this afternoon Kharge dwelt upon various failures of the state and central government.He hoped  that this time coalition government will come  to centre to save democracy and protect constitution as well as to make India united.

 This time  people are fighting against Modi in the country.Dismissing Modi guarantees,he said what Modi made promises in the past like rupees 15 lakhs per head,doubling of income of farmers by 2022,two crore jobs per year and others are not  have not been fulfilled.Rather Modi made effected price rise in all commodities including oil and LPG stating  “Modi Hey Tou Mumkin Hey”.

 He ridiculed Modi’s claim to go beyond 400 seats  stating that where from BJP will get these seats?.He cited  Karnataka,Kerala,Tamil Nadu,Telengana and Andhra Pradesh while Modi is drubbing.Kharge also disclosed that congress account has been freezed  due to filing of no returns for 14 lakhs.Rupees 135 crore penalty has been slapped questioning where is level playing field.



 As regard to Odisha,he described Odisha as an important state to which both BJP and BJD have destroyed .There is no development in Odisha even as Naveen Patnaik government ruled for 25 years stating that Odisha is rich in natural resources on which  outside industries are dependant there is neither development nor any local empioyment.As per the ILO report odisha is having highest unemployment rate of 41 per cent in the state.

 Referring to corruption he cited chit fund and mining scam accusing the BJD government as corrupt he has appealed people to throw BJD government out of power this time along with BJP who are also  responsible state’s backwardness.

 When there is no development in the state in last 14 years how BJD and BJP are asking votes to vote for them, he added.Kharge said congress  stands for five ‘nyays” and 25 Guarantees stressing on conducting census on social basis.He listed various Acts by UPA government like Food Security Act,manrega,Right to Education and others which were meant for benefit of the people.But on the other hand BJP did “demonetisation”questioning what he did when Adani and Ambani were transporting “kaladhan”in tempo.he also promised rupees 10 kg per head under food security scheme as against 5 kg now.Among others Congress Media  and Communication Chairman Dr.Biswaranjan Mohanty,former PCC President Prasad harichandan,National Spokes Person, Prabhat Kumar,Ritu Choudhury,Telangana Deputy CM Malu Bhatti Vikramaka,Yasir Nawaj attended the meet.

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