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Punjab Cops Move In To Arrest Separatist Leader Amritpal Singh

Chandigarh, Mar 18, (Fast Mail News):-- A special team of the Punjab police have been geared up to arrest self-styled radical Sikh preacher and Khalistan sympathiser Amritpal Singh.Meanwhile, Punjab Police have detained six of his associates.Heavy police force were deployed in Moga district.Internet has also been suspended across the state till 12 noon tomorrow. Waris Punjab De Pramukh's supporters have shared a video of police chasing his convoy in Moga district and a speeding vehicle towards Shahkot near Jalandhar. At the same time, the Punjab Police has neither confirmed nor denied these reports.

 According to sources, Singh, a Khalistan supporter, was on his way to Bathinda when the police tried to stop him near Mehtabpur village in Jalandhar. Six of his supporters were reportedly detained from Mehtabpur. Sources said that the houses of his supporters were also raided. However, all the phones of Singh's close aides were switched off. A video (unconfirmed) shows Amritpal Singh sitting in a speeding car.

 A case of kidnapping has been registered against Amritpal Singh at Ajnala police station, Amritsar.The police did not reveal whether a case was registered against him after his supporters allegedly stormed the Ajnala police station on February 24. Protesting the arrest of one of his associates, his supporters clashed with the police and barged into the police station.




One Amritpal Singh has emerged as a new challenge for the Punjab government. Amritpal Singh, a 30-year-old youth, is openly supporting Khalistan and is also stressing on the failure of the state to root out the drug menace that is ravaging the youth.Amritpal Singh has returned from Dubai six months back.Singh came into limelight when a mob tried to capture Ajnala police station and threatened the administration. Amritpal Singh was leading this crowd.This case indicated that the AAP government in Punjab is still inexperienced on sensitive issues.

However, CM Bhagwant Mann had said that the Ajnala incident should not be given too much importance.The officers of the Punjab government should know that Punjab needs an administration which is both strong and sensitive. According to sources, a section of the Sikh community is upset with Amritpal Singh. The reason for this was that Amritpal Singh had taken the Guru Granth Sahib with him when he raided the Ajnala police station. Amritpal's act has angered a large section of the Sikh community, who say it is sacrilegious. However, there is a number in the state which also supports Amritpal Singh.

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